_Emergency Plug



While working as a firefighter and conducting electric vehicle safety training in 2019, our founders, Ralf Adams and Jan Wijnans, discovered that there was no safe and quick way to turn off an EV during emergencies or when working on the vehicle to prevent unwanted vehicle behaviour.

After a bit of research, they found out that they can activate the safety protocol of an EV. This resulted in the development of the Emergency Plug®. This enables the user to quickly and safely prevent an EV from driving away. To protect emergency responders, possible victims and their surroundings from unpredictable vehicle behaviour.

Today, thousands of Emergency Plugs® have been sold in more than 50 countries worldwide, providing emergency responders with a quick and safe way to work on any type of electric or hybrid vehicle. We at Total Safety Group are dedicated to developing innovative safety solutions for the rapidly changing technologies of electric vehicles. Supporting safety experts and emergency responders in their work. We remain committed to ensuring the safety of emergency responders and creating a safe working environment with any type of electric vehicle.